About Fashion Revolution

Fashion Revolution

Fashion Revolution was born in 2014 in response to the collapse of Rana Plaza in Bangladesh with a very specific purpose: to prevent tragedies of this kind from being repeated in the future by asking brands all over the world for greater transparency and therefore control of their supply chains.
The #WhoMadeMyClothes campaign becomes the first tool to inspire hundreds of millions of people around the world to take action to restore dignity to the people who make our clothes.

Who We Are

We are Fashion Revolution Italy. An activists movement united in their diversity by the desire to make the fashion industry more ethical and transparent.
Country Coordinator of Fashion Revolution Italy is Marina Spadafora. Marina is a designer, consultant, writer, TEDx speaker and winner of the UN Women Together Award for her commitment in ethical fashion.
The team includes also Chiara Ferrero, Kathleen Grevers, Virginia Pignotti and Matteo Ward.

What We Do

Every year, during Fashion Revolution Week, we organize a big event to amplify our campaigns and impact. During the year, however, we are committed to bring educational projects and workshops to schools and universities throughout Italy to continue to generate awareness around the real impact of fashion and to provide useful tools to trigger a real Fashion Revolution.