Name: Marina Spadafora
Role: Country Coordinator
Bio: Marina Spadafora is a Fair Fashion ambassador in the world. She has deep roots in Fashion having had her own brand and collaborated with Ferragamo, Prada, Miu Miu and Marni. She has been the creative director of Auteurs du Monde, the Fair Trade brand of Altromercato, working with artisans all over the world. Marina is a professor of ethical fashion at prestigious academies in Italy and abroad. Marina’s work has always included a strong focus on social issues and ecology, believing that ethics and aesthetics can coincide. Her motto is “Fashion with a Mission”. Marina works to bring development to emerging countries through her FWAM platform. She is the Italian national coordinator of Fashion Revolution. Marina has received the United Nations Women Together Award in 2015 in New York and gave a TEDx Talk on sustainable fashion in 2014. In 2020 she wrote the book “The revolution starts from your wardrobe” with Luisa Ciuni published by Solferino Libri.   
TEDx Talk: Marina Spadafora On Consumers Power
City: Milan, Italy
Languages: Italian, English, Spanish

Name: Matteo Ward
Role: Project manager
Bio: After university in Milan (Bocconi University) and Seoul (Yonsei University), a fresh graduate in International Economics, I began my career in fashion in 2009 working for Abercrombie and Fitch. Following a short training period in London and Italy where I opened the first flagship store in Milan, I was then relocated to Germany where I eventually became Sr. Manager and Co-Chair of A&F’s global Diversity and Inclusion Council in 2013. That was the year in which a series of external and internal events gradually started to open my eyes to the true environmental and social cost of the fashion industry. So many questions – the answers which followed determined the decision to quit my job in 2015 , leave my comfort zone, and invest everything I had in trying to catalyze #LivableChange. The result? The rise of WRÅD.
City: Vicenza, Italy
Languages: Italian, English

Name: Virginia Pignotti
Role: Communication director
Bio: Virginia was born and raised in Italy but she considers herself a citizen of the world. Graduated in 2011 with a MA in Fashion at University of Bologna, after which she moved to London where she had the opportunity to work aside Orsola de Castro, mentor and truly inspirational woman, as studio assistant for her upcycling label From Somewhere. That’s where her passion for sustainability has grown and took a more conscious shape. 
Virginia works as visual merchandiser for a fashion brand and as revolutionary the rest of the time.
City: Bologna, Italy
Languages: Italian, English

Name: Chiara Ferrero
Role: Project consultant
Bio: After an inspiring Master program at Bocconi University on sustainability and CSR, Chiara decides to follow her two passions: sustainability and fashion. She starts to work at MADE-BY in Amsterdam as consultant supporting brands and retailers in integrating sustainability in their businesses. After gaining some experience, Italy calls her back to work more in contact with suppliers on very operational aspects of sustainability. She is now working as consultant for Process Factory but always taking the time to spread the “revolutionary” word of ethical and sustainable fashion with her team mates. 
City: Como, Italy
Languages: Italian, English

Name: Kathleen Grevers
Role: Global Engagment
Bio: Kathleen Grevers leads the education sector of Fashion Revolution USA and Fashion Revolution Italy, and produces global programming within the channels of Fashion Revolution’s worldwide community.
Kathleen is also the Director of International Programming for Arsutoria in Milan, Italy, holds a professorial position with Northeastern University and Lasell University (Boston, MA, US) teaching Ethics, Supply Chain Management, Footwear Material Innovation and Forecasting. She is the founder and CEO of her consultancy, Seemore Global for international education within Zimbabwe, Italy, Greece, and Germany for didactics of sustainability design initiatives of fashion, textiles, and footwear. Kathleen is also the co-founder and US branch director for SEWN-Africa which develops programs for innovation and localized sourcing for footwear manufacturing and development in partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
M.S. in International Relations and Global Studies- Northeastern University, Boston, MA USA
B.S. Textile, Marketing, and Design- University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI USA
City: Florence, Italy
Language: English

Name: Mary Isabel Buenaventura
Role: Graphic designer
Bio: Mary is from Chile, where she studied Graphic Design at the Universidad del Desarrollo. She moved to Milan in 2018 where she completed a Masters of Science Degree in Design for the Fashion System at Politecnico di Milano. In Italy she specialized in sustainable fashion, working for Fashion Revolution Italia, WRÅD Focus Design and White Sustainable Milano (WSM) Milano Fashion Week. In 2021 she published on the Fashion Revolution website her Masters Degree Thesis “I Am Sustainable Fashion”, a collaboration between Politecnico di Milano and Fashion Revolution Italy. She is currently involved in academia as a researcher at the Design School of Politecnico di Milano, coordinator of the professional and alumni department, and professor at the Universidad del Desarrollo´s School of Design.
City: Milan, Italy
Languages: Spanish, English, Italian