The FashRev Lab opens on May 5th at 6 pm, an event that Fashion Revolution Italia brings to the innovative spaces of D-House by DYLOAN in Milan to strengthen its campaign for a more responsible, innovative and ethical fashion industry.

“After two years of digital presence we are happy to be back with a great physical event” says Marina Spadafora, country coordinator of Fashion Revolution Italia. “We thought and conceived FashRev Lab as an appointment to update our community on the steps forward made from 2013 to today and at the same time show the innovative planning of designers and realities, which have emerged in recent years, which fully embrace our social values and environmental “.

The three floors of D-House by DYLOAN laboratorio urbano , hosted inside LOM – Locanda Officina Monumentale, with the help of its national and international partners, will in fact become open-air laboratories in which the public will have the opportunity to interact with designers intent on working with some of the most innovative technologies in the textile field, innovations that offer new possibilities for recovery, reuse and creation of materials, clothes and accessories. From the multicolor embroideries of the Coloreel company made from a single shell of white thread that is dyed during the application of the embroidery itself to the original uses of Stratasys 3D printers to give new life to otherwise discarded fabrics and garments, to the collaborative robot of Universal Robots, to the heat sealing technology of Framis.

Among the participants of this edition of FashRev Lab there are exclusively Italian realities: Andrea Rosso with the MYAR brand, the Rearea brand by Aurora Mazzi and Elia Docente, one of the winners of the Vogue Upcycling Contest, the Must Had platform – The Refashion Platform that puts brands and young artisans in connection to create original upcycling projects, and again the young collective of Revibe, an e-commerce platform created only for brands dedicated to upcycling practices. Both platforms will bring their own selection of designers and brands to the stage. And also pioneering designers in the field such as Gilberto Calzolari, Fabrizio Consoli of Blue of a Kind, Mauro Simionato of Vitelli and Tiziano Guardini, creator of the La Fiaba capsule created by Dyloan starting from unsold duvets. And finally, the brands Nasco Unico, Bennu, Fade Out label, Florania, Giglio Tigrato, Reamerei, and the young designers Marcello Pipitone and Cristina Falsone. The curators of the contents, in collaboration with the Fashion Revolution Italia team, are Stella Stone and Joshua Conor Billsborough.

During the inauguration evening, at 7:30 pm, there will be a speech by MP Emma Pavanelli, senator and member of the Environment Commission of the Senate of the Italian Republic, and Marina Spadafora. Updates will be provided on the progress made in the legislative field to ensure social and environmental justice in the textile industry and on the objectives achieved with the Fashion Revolution campaigns. In recent years, the efforts and commitment of hundreds of millions of activists around the world have indeed paid off. There are now many brands monitored by the Fashion Revolution Transparency Index, a tool for verifying the level and quality of information transparency achieved by the largest fashion houses and global retailers. The progress made in terms of market awareness is significant: more than 70% of consumers now expect to have verified information from brands on the origin, birth rate and production methods of clothing.

The event will be open to the public from 6 pm to 9 pm at the D-House by Dyloan headquarters in via Galileo Ferraris 1, Milan.

D-house by DYLOAN is an urban laboratory dedicated to R&D, innovation and training in the field of technologies applied to the manufacturing industry.

Supporters of the event, will be the premium craft beers of BIOVA Project, made by using unsold bread.

photo credits Alex Ravenoldi